Your roof is protecting you every day for 365 days a year. But as the seasons change what exactly is your roof going through?

In the winter, water can get in between the shingles and freeze as the temperature drops. Not only can this continue to lift the shingles off the roof but the constant melting and refreezing from heat in the attic can leave an even wider gap between your shingles and flashing. Ice or snow that have been sitting on top of your house can leak in to your attic, rotting the boards above your head. Overhanging tree limbs and branches can break off and tear the top layer of the shingles as they fall, or even worse fall through your roof!

Spring showers bring May flowers, but that could also mean finding a leak in the roof over your bedroom. Storms bring strong winds that can blow off shingles and leave patches that will catch and hold water.

We love when the leaves change color, because that means bringing out those fall jackets, everything starts becoming pumpkin spice, and hunting season is just around the corner. But that also means leaves are going to fall, and there’s a good chance those leaves will end up in your gutter. A clogged gutter filled with leaves and sticks will build up water, completely defeating the purpose of it and instead you’ll get a hanging moat around your roof. This build up can soak in to the eaves and can rot the wood at the base of your roofline. Buying a screen to help keep leaves out and making sure water runs freely and smoothly can fix the problem before it even begins.

Summer days are when the pool down your street finally opens, the kids are out of school, and you finally get to lay out and catch some rays. And your roof is doing the same! UV rays can and will deteriorate the material covering your roof. Shingles can crack, bake, or split leading to leaks and weak spots that will let in other debris that don’t belong in your house.

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