Affordable Roof Repair Service Little Rock, AR

Many contractors won’t take smaller roofing repair jobs because they’re not always high-dollar contracts. But at Reliant Roof Pros we believe that you deserve high-quality workmanship no matter the size or shape of the roofing job at hand. We have completed thousands of roof repairs in Little Rock and Russellville, AR for every kind of roof and in every possible roofing material.

This roof repair work has proved a training ground for our workers and now they’re some of the most versatile, highly trained roofers in Arkansas. We’re confident that we can repair your roof because we’ve seen it before! And when it comes to your roof – you want the best roofing company in Little Rock.

We work with both residential and commercial roofing.

Roof Repair Little Rock, Arkansas

Animal damage to plumbing stacks and the re-flashing of skylights and chimneys may be our most common roof repairs. But whether your shingles are shedding, you have a leak in the attic, or you’ve noticed buckling in the roof, we can help you repair your roof.

What is the Source of Most of Our Repair Work?

We hate to say it, but most of our work comes from fixing bad roofing jobs done by other companies. Mother Nature can take a toll on your roof, and eventually, every roof will need to be replaced, but poor workmanship is by far the number one source of our repair business. Who does your roofing repairs matters!

Little Rock Roofing Company, Reliant Roof Pros provides exceptional roof repair in Little Rock, Arkansas and the Russellville, Arkansas area.

f your roof is old, damaged, or has noticeable leaks, call us. The only way to prevent further damage is to fix the problems as soon as possible. And the sooner we repair your roof, the less damage we’ll have to correct, and the lower your costs will be. We only use high-quality materials and when applied by our expert roofing professionals, your roof repair will seamlessly blend with the rest of your roof.

Emergency Roof Repair Service

A lot can go wrong over the weekend, or even overnight. In Arkansas, severe weather is always a possibility – hail storms, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms are just a part of our lives. But no one is prepared for a hole being ripped in their roof by high winds. Fortunately, Reliant Roof Pros is prepared for exactly that situation.

We follow weather patterns closely, and we have some of the best roofing technicians in the business!

Roof Leak Repair

Is there anything worse than waking up to the drip, drip, drip of a leak? Your roof, whether due to external damage or old age, has a hole in it somewhere. It’s annoying, it’s ruining your floors, and you just know it’s going to be expensive to fix. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just make sure you call a roofing repair company in Little Rock as soon as possible to limit the damage done to your roof and your home.

Reliant Roof Pros offers free consultations for any problem. We’ll always get up on the roof, take a look, and give you an estimate without charging you a dime. Most likely, if we find the leak quickly, we can patch it up before water damage and pests settle in. If there’s a larger problem, we’ll always walk you through it step-by-step and make sure you’re completely comfortable before we start on repairs.

Our leak repairs are quick, efficient, and guaranteed to stand the test of time! If something goes wrong with your repair, just call us and we’ll fix it, free of charge. We take pride in our workmanship and we always want you to be 100% satisfied.

Expert Residential and Commercial Roof Services

Your home is an investment – and a significant one at that. It only makes sense that you want to take care of every aspect of your home – and that means taking care of your roof first.

Just think about it like this – if the roof of your home was removed, what would happen to everything inside? The walls, the floors, your possessions, even you and your family, would be exposed to the elements and possibly sustain permanent damage.

The same goes for your business! Your roof keeps you and everything that you own safe from weather, pests, intruders, and health hazards like pollen and pollution. It also protects your electricity and gas bills by providing cooling and heating efficiency. When there’s a hole in that protection, everything under it is compromised.

At Reliant Roof Pros, we take the responsibility of caring for your roof seriously. We’ve been in this business for decades and it’s taught us just how important our jobs are to the people we serve. That’s why we put so much care and craftsmanship into everything we do – no matter how small the repair – because we take pride in our work and in helping people.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Because your roof is the number one line of defense against the elements, it takes a beating and over time, it can start to show its age. Whether you have missing shingles, a hole in your roof, or leaks are starting to spring up, Reliant Roof Pros can resolve your roofing difficulties. As the leading provider of roof repair and maintenance in the Arkansas area, we are known for our speed, efficiency, and high level of workmanship and customer satisfaction. We’ll have your roof back to optimal condition quicker than any of our competitors!

But repairs are a reactive service. We also want to offer our clients proactive solutions to their roofing problems – and that means maintenance. Roof repairs can be expensive and time-consuming, but they can’t always be helped. But the best way to prevent most leaks and other costly repairs is through proper maintenance.


Roofing Maintenence means a longer-lasting roof and a more durable roofing system overall. Our roof maintenance services ensure that your roof is properly patched, that no new leaks have formed, and that all debris that could contribute to damage is thoroughly removed.

Contact Reliant Roof Pros or give us a call with any of your roofing needs. A Project Manager will evaluate your roof and provide you with a written estimate. Once you’ve approved the estimate, one of our seasoned repairmen will promptly arrive and complete your roof repair.