Even as an adult, being in the dark can still be scary. Some of us might even admit to hiding under the covers when we hear a little bump in the night, hoping to fall asleep before we find out what it is.

But what if you hear little footsteps above you scurrying across in the attic? No need to call an Exorcist, but there still could be a nightmare living above you. Nature isn’t the only thing that can tear away at your roof. Have you ever wondered about little critters that live in your yard? Not only can ants and termites deteriorate your foundation but they can chew through the boards around your roof. And to add salt to the wound those little bugs can be a beacon for birds such as woodpeckers looking for food. This can be a problem when these birds stop pecking at the bugs and start pecking at the wood surrounding your house. Raccoons have been known to be able to pry and chew through outer shingles to reach the attic.

But don’t take it personally because those little trash pandas are just looking for a safe, warm place to raise their cubs. So be weary if you see torn shingles in your yard, or droppings in your attic, or even flattened areas of insulation as these are all possible signs of a raccoon tenant.

Squirrels and chipmunks, although cute and lovable, can cause the exact same damage. Just like raccoons they can take a small opportunity such as a small hole next to a vent or your roofline and burrow their way in. An easy fix such as clogging this hole might seem good at first, but an angry squirrel who just got done gathering food will try everything it can to get back inside, especially to feed her young. All of these extra roommates can be a huge burden on home or business owners and might require professional help. But we can help you skip that step by installing good, strong, foundational roofing and prevent the problem before it even starts.

But if it has already started, we can help you restore your roofing – as well your peaceful night’s sleep!