You’re driving home and you’ve been hearing about it on the radio the whole way over. Shops are closing and everyone is staying inside because in just a few more minutes, Mother Nature is going to come storming through. You get home, make sure the car is inside the garage and cross your fingers that your windows are as strong as you think they are. And just then you hear it.

Hail in various sizes start pelting at your house. It starts slow, about the size of a dime. But minutes pass and now it’s the size of a golf ball and it’s hitting so hard you would think Tiger Woods is in your backyard practicing his drive. Luckily it’s finally over, there’s no damage to your yard or your vehicle and everyone is safe. But how did your roof hold up?

We’re hoping that everything is fine but how can you be totally sure? Is there any hail damage to my roof after a hail storm? A good way is to check your gutters for buildup of granules from your shingles. Granules look like dark pebbles or sand that is mixed with the asphalt in your shingles. Hail could possibly knock some of the granules loose possibly compromising the integrity of your shingles.

For metal roofs, small dents and divots could tell you the size of the hail, and give you a better idea of the damage. In asphalt shingles dents and bruises could be a little harder to spot. Run your hand over the shingle and press down on the areas that could have been damaged. If it gives under pressure it could be a sign of a damaged shingle. These are all good ways to spot damaged shingles after a hail storm, but we also want to come out and look at your roof ourselves. Call us at 501-348-7522 and we’ll provide a thorough inspection at no cost to you. We can also walk you through the step to file a claim with your insurance, if damage is found and will even be there if an adjustor can come out too.

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