Here at J & Z Roofing we can tackle any project you bring to us. We can handle anything from A to Z (although J to Z sounds a lot better to us). We specialize in three different types of roofing; asphalt, flat, and metal. But how do you know what type of roof is best for you and your project? On a tighter budget? Asphalt shingles can usually save you money and be able to last you for at least 12 to 15 years. Being able to freely walk on these tiles make repeated inspections easy and can keep maintenance low. You can find many different styles that include 3-tab shingles, and various colors that can match any home. Choosing this low cost, versatile material would be a great start to your roofing project! But shingles shouldn’t be the only type you consider.

Metal Roofing is great in the long run, and in some cases can last as long as the house. They are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. One useful advantage is that metal roofs won’t ignite in the case of a house fire or lightning strike. Don’t want a shiny tin hat on your roof? Paint can be applied to give it a little more personality. But maybe you’re thinking a metal roof would be noisy, especially during a storm. Don’t worry the noise from the rain drops hitting your roof isn’t going to sound like throwing spare change in a tin bucket. It’s actually as quiet as most other materials like wood or asphalt. If you need a strong material to outlast the elements with the added bonus of energy efficiency, this option is the one best for you.

Running out of space or need a new idea to make your house unique? Once a flat roof is installed there can be many applications for it to consider. You can take your heating and air condition unit off the ground and place it on the smooth, even surface. Because there isn’t a slope the whole area is easily accessible to you. This is also perfect for a rooftop patio or even a garden.

So whether you’re looking to repair or replace your roof, or getting ready to start over completely, give us a call and we’ll help you make the best plan!