What Are the Most Common Causes of Roof Damage in Arkansas?

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Buying a home is the single largest investment most people make in their lifetimes. You want to protect that investment at all costs – but hopefully for less cost than more, right? The best way to ensure that you don’t have to invest in avoidable costly repairs – or worse, an entire roof replacement – is to regularly maintain your roof and have it inspected at least twice a year for any small problems that need to be resolved.

Proactive maintenance means you have to be aware of and work to prevent some of the most common causes of roof damage. We’ve compiled a list of the most common causes of roof damage in Arkansas to help you get started.

1. Aging Shingles

As homeowners, we all know that often the biggest thief of youth is time itself. The same is true for your roof and the shingles that comprise it. With age, shingles can become weak, old, and brittle. If you see any signs of aging shingles like granule loss, bleaching, curling, or crumbling, you may need to consider a full roof replacement to avoid throwing good money after bad by patching the unsavable roof over and over. Eventually, all those smaller repairs will add up to the cost of a new roof anyway.

Have a professional roofing company inspect your roof and let you know whether it’s salvageable. If you know your roof is at least ten years old, mitigate the shock of paying for it by starting a savings fund now.

2. Lack of Roof Repair

Strangely enough, when you don’t repair a leak, the damage can get worse. Putting a pot under the leak to catch the drips doesn’t count! General lack of roof maintenance or putting off repairs is one of the most common causes of roof damage in Arkansas – and likely around the country.

Whether you bought the house knowing it would need repair, you’re strapped for cash, or you can’t get around like you used to – call a roofing company to inspect your roof if you suspect damage. The sooner you catch it the cheaper it will be. Don’t worry – the inspection and quote itself are always free. Regular maintenance, inspections, and cleaning can go a long way toward mitigating this common roofing faux pas.

3. Water and Cold Temperatures

In Arkansas, we never know what weather winter will bring. Whether it’s an ice-pocalypse that lasts for weeks or it never seems to get cold enough to snow, every variation can come with its own dangers. All water needs to expand and cause major damage to your roof and/or its components is one night below freezing. Ice dams can build up if you don’t clean your roof regularly; when it rains or snow melts, the dams trap standing water on your roof – which is basically begging for a leak to form.

4. Wind and Storms

No one who lives in Tornado Alley has to have the dangers of high winds explained to them. Tornadoes, windstorms, hail – they can all cause serious damage to your shingles and the structure of your roof. Hail is definitely one of the most common causes of roof damage in Arkansas. Choosing a roofing material with high wind resistance helps, but you should also get an inspection done following any major storm to make sure there is no hidden damage that might result in a leak later on.

If you have any questions about the most common causes of roof damage in Arkansas, or you think you may need to have your roof inspected after reading this article, contact Reliant Roof Pros. We’ll schedule a free consultation and an obligation-free quote should we find anything that needs repair.


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